Tech Companies Need To Admit They Have A Problem

September 4, 2018 1 comment

My newest Bloomberg Opinion piece is out:


In a Way, Trump Is Right About Google’s Bias


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Reputation Scores and Free Tampons

August 31, 2018 Comments off

My newest Bloomberg Opinion column on creepy but useful reputation scores is out:


Reputation Scores on Facebook? Bring Them On


For others I wrote, look here.

ALSO! My buddy Laura Strausfeld wrote a Bloomberg Opinion piece on access to tampons and what they’re made of:


Making Tampons Free Can Make Them Safer, Too


Go Laura!!

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Zuckerberg Is Totally Out Of His Depth

Hey my newest snarky Bloomberg Opinion piece is out!


Mark Zuckerberg Is Totally Out of His Depth


For a longer list of all my Bloomberg columns, go here.

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How America Can Stop Being the Wild West of Data

August 5, 2018 Comments off

I wrote a Bloomberg View post about how the U.S. can regulate technology and algorithms which came out this morning:


How America Can Stop Being the Wild West of Data

It can’t follow Europe’s example. But Senator Mark Warner has some good ideas.


You can see the rest of my Bloomberg View posts here.

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Financial Times op-ed

I wrote an op-ed in the Financial Times with Bart Schermer. It’s behind the paywall unfortunately, but hopefully some of you have subscriptions:


Audit the algorithms that are ruling our lives



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Nerd childhood piece: how I decided to become a mathematician

July 21, 2018 Comments off

I’ve got a new Bloomberg View column out about how I decided to become a mathematician:

How Dominoes Helped Make Me a Mathematician

Proofs can be empowering

My other Bloomberg columns are listed here.

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Science For The People back in action!

July 10, 2018 Comments off


The good folks at Science For The People are hosting an event to celebrate their first publication in a long while (see more about the history of SftP here):




Celebrate the return of Science for the People! Join us for the premiere viewing of the mini-documentary about SftP’s revitalization and readings from our first publication since 1989: a collection of essays about the science and politics of geoengineering.

Doors: 6:30pm
Showtime: 7:00pm
Address: Caveat NYC, 21A Clinton Street, New York NY 10002
Tickets: $15 adv / $20 door


I hope I see you there!

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