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I’m taking Trump seriously

August 12, 2020

Yesterday I wrote a new Bloomberg column in which I took Trump seriously when he repeated for the nth time that our problem is that we do too many tests, which thus shows too many confirmed COVID-19 cases.

And when I say “seriously”, what I mean is I thought through what kind of model of the world Trump must have in his head that would be consistent with this statement. For him, metrics like case counts or TV ratings are somehow more real than people dying of coronavirus. It’s weird but consistently true, and I think we should understand it. Here’s my column:

Here’s More Evidence That Trump Is an Algorithm

The president is focused on data, independent of substance.

You can read more of my Bloomberg columns here.

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  1. August 12, 2020 at 1:25 pm

    I don’t believe Donald is (or ever has been) truly focused on data or metrics — he’s not even that numbers-savvy. He’s focused on optics and presentation, sees all of life, including the presidency, marriage, and business as a sort of performance art, and unfortunately he does have an instinct for what will play in the minds or perceptions of the dolts he deals with (including masses of American electorate) — in short he’s a standard demagogue — and because of the sheer ignorance/naivete of the average American (thank you education system), an effective one.


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