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How Data Can Make Immigrants Look Like Criminals

My newest Bloomberg View column:

How Data Can Make Immigrants Look Like Criminals

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Bigger Data Isn’t Always Better Data

My newest piece on Bloomberg:

Bigger Data Isn’t Always Better Data

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Insurance and Big Data Are Incompatible

My newest Bloomberg View piece about how that FitBit could be bad for your health:

That Free Health Tracker Could Cost You

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New links!

  1. I wrote about how big data is undermining our understanding and faith in historical facts and in statistics in my newest Bloomberg column, Do You Trust Big Data? Try Googling the Holocaust
  2. Last week this Vice piece came out, which I contributed to along with lots of writers I really admire like Astra Taylor, on how technology can be made to work for us: Man Versus Machine
  3. My buddy Paul-Olivier Dehaye is on fire over at with his newest approach to disrupting the big data surveillance state. He now has devised a way to request your file from Cambridge Analytica, and I’m totally doing this: Quick guide to asking Cambridge Analytica for your data


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Meet Facebook, Your New Financial Regulator

New Bloomberg View column:

Meet Facebook, Your New Financial Regulator


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Age of Algorithms: Data, Democracy and the News Event at NYU Journalism 2/15

Next Wednesday evening I’ll be talking data, democracy, and the news with the amazing Julia Angwin at the NYU Journalism School moderated by Robert Lee Hotz. More information here.

Please come! Or if you can’t come, you can watch the livestream.


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Dear President Bannon…. #PostcardsToBannon

How do you get rid of the influence of Steve Bannon’s whispering in Trump’s ear? The best strategy I’ve heard is to make Trump jealous of the attention. And one way to do that is to refer to Bannon as the president.

The hashtag #PostcardsToBannon blew up on Twitter yesterday, with all sorts of people posting pics of their postcards:


From Justin Hendrix via Twitter

In fact, it got so much attention that it was featured overnight on USA Today.

It’s a small act but it might make you feel great to do it.

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