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I will not repeat what the president said yesterday about Haiti, because it is too mean spirited to perpetuate. I will say that in my travels in Haiti I met people wealthier in spirit than our poor president.


Photograph by Becky Jaffe

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Bring on the Sex Robots!

I’ve got a new Bloomberg View piece, which I think any fans of Aunt Pythia will enjoy:

Maybe Sex Robots Will Make Men, Not Women, Obsolete

They might at least create some healthy competition.

For other columns, go here.

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Bloomberg View piece on #MeToo data & I quit Twitter

I wrote a new Bloomberg View piece about data analysis around sexual harassment and assault:

What We Don’t Know About Sexual Harassment

We lack the data needed to know how prevalent it is.

My other Bloomberg View columns are here.

Also, I quit Twitter, at least for now. It just kept bringing me down.

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At Tufts on Thursday, in D.C. on Friday

I’ll be giving a talk at Tufts on Thursday. Here’s the poster, please join me:

12.07.17 O'Neil


Also I’ll be in D.C. on Friday morning to talk data science education with mucky-mucks. That will be livestreamed, or you can join in person as well. Here’s the poster:


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Women’s March 2018

December 4, 2017 Comments off

I found out there’s going to be another Women’s March by – you guessed it – going to a yarn store and finding there’d been a run on pink yarn. Even better, there are going to be a ton of Women’s Marches in a ton of cities.

Get knitting, folks! And mark your calendars for Saturday, January 20, 2018.

There’s never been a better time for this, I’m sorry to say. And if you don’t know what I mean, listen to this Takeaway episode on John Hockenberry’s systematic sexual harassment and abuse of his female colleagues of color, who he systematically pushed out of senior positions on the show:

#MeToo Hits Home: John Hockenberry Accused of Harassment, Bullying

pussy hats


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Lethal Autonomous Weapons and the Occupy Book Club

Bloomberg View

My newest Bloomberg piece is out, in which I consider the problem of false negatives in the context of love and war:

False Negatives Can Be a Matter of Life and Death

Algorithms will repeat our mistakes unless we know what we’re missing.

You can see all of my Bloomberg View pieces here.

Book Club!

I also wanted to announce that my Occupy group Alt Banking is starting a book club. We’re meeting this Sunday from 2-3pm at Columbia (room 409 of the International Affairs Building at Amsterdam and 118th), and we’re discussing the introductions and first chapters of the two following books:

  1. Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman, available for free online
  2. Capitalism and Slavery by Eric Williams, which also seems to be available online.

Please join us, we welcome everyone and anyone!

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Bloomberg View: Ray Dalio and Facebook

My newest Bloomberg View piece just came out this morning:

Ray Dalio Has an Unbelievable Algorithm

Does it merely reinforce its maker’s biases?


Looking back I just realized that I never posted last week’s Bloomberg View column:

Maybe Facebook Is Broken:

How can you stop people from sharing biased and misleading stuff?


For a complete list of my Bloomberg View articles, go here.

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