March 25, 2013


This Friday, I’ll be participating at HackPrinceton.

My team will be training an EEG to recognize yes and no thoughts for particular electromechanical devices and creating general human brain interface (HBI) architecture.

We’ll be working on allowing you to turn on your phone and navigate various menus with your mind!

There’s lots of cool swag and prizes – the best being jobs at Google and Microsoft. Everyone on the team has experience in the field,* but of course the more the merrier and you’re welcome no matter what you bring (or don’t bring!) to the table.

If you’re interested, email leon.kautsky@gmail.com ASAP!

*So far we’ve got a math Ph.D., a mech engineer, some CS/Operations Research guys and while my field is finance I picked up some neuro/machine learning along the way. If you have nothing to do for the next three days and want to learn something specifically for this competition, I recommend checking out my personal favorites: neurofocus.com, frontiernerds.com or neurogadget.com.

  1. March 26, 2013 at 8:31 am

    So excited! My alma mater is UW-Madison, where an HBI was developed by Adam Wilson (UWBCI), see the no-hands generated tweets @UWBCI. I probably can’t make it this weekend but look forward to follow up in this blog.


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