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Alt Banking in Huffington Post #OWS

November 11, 2014

Great news! The Alt Banking group had a piece published today in the Huffington Post entitled With Economic Justice For All, about our hopes for the next Attorney General.

For the sake of the essay, we coined the term “marble columns” to mean the opposite of “broken windows.” Instead of getting arrested for nothing, you never get arrested, as long as you work at a company with marble columns. For more, take a look at the whole piece!

Also, my good friend and bandmate Tom Adams (our band, the Tomtown Ramblers, is named after him) will be covering for me on mathbabe for the next few days while I’m away in Haiti. Please make him feel welcome!

  1. November 11, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    It’s even worse. The culpable executives at the marble column institutions use other people’s money pay for their “get out of jail free” cards. And Chase even got about $7B of their fines to be deductible, thereby making the entire country pay about $2.4B for their absolution. At least if they were Catholic, the regulators could send them in a pew and make them say a billion “Our Fathers.” But they don’t even have to do that.


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