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Bloomberg engineering competition gets exciting

December 18, 2011

Stanford has bowed out of the Bloomberg administration’s competition for an engineering center in New York City. From the New York Times article:

Stanford University abruptly dropped out of the intense international competition to build an innovative science graduate school in New York City, releasing its decision on Friday afternoon. A short time later, its main rival in the contest, Cornell, announced a $350 million gift — the largest in its history — to underwrite its bid.

From what I’d heard, Stanford was the expected winner, with Cornell being a second place. This changes things, and potentially means that Columbia’s plan for a Data Science and Engineering Institute is still a possibility.

Cool and exciting, because I want that place to be really really good.

It also seems like the open data situation in New York is good and getting better. From the NYC Open Data website:

This catalog supplies hundreds of sets of public data produced by City agencies and other City organizations. The data sets are now available as APIs and in a variety of machine-readable formats, making it easier than ever to consume City data and better serve New York City’s residents, visitors, developer community and all!

Maybe New York will be a role model for good, balancing its reputation as the center of financial shenanigans.

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