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Two poems

November 26, 2011

Sometimes the night falls
and I fall with it, those
inner reefs no match
for the outer currents.

Sometimes the day comes
and I’m not ready, the
sunlight streaming, too
binding for a dip in the dark.

Sometimes the rain breaks,
pouring down, washing me
out down the street past storefronts
of fruit, where my boys linger.

This is how I interact with the world,
fully engaged, and a bit unable to
loosen the harness.

This is how I make peace with the world,
too, the personal battles played out against
the ebb and flow of greater forces.

For I am a force to be reckoned with. Know that.
But even gravity finds its match in

by Manya Raman Sundström
For Cathy O’Neil, whom I barely met
Umeå, Nov. 7, 2010


This Wind

This wind
is a woman
no doubt.

She’s soft as silk,
then bold and wild.
She scolds and sulks,

She’s the kind of wind
the palm trees bow down to:
regal, feral,

This wind
is a flamenco temptress
staccato tempest,
her temper

and subsides.
She rewards with a caress
neither tender
nor mild.

This wind
is an enraged mother,
a heart breaker,
a scorned lover, yes
but, Sister!

She’s a rabble rousing
trouble making
in a dress.

She’ll rattle the gates
drum at the door
flirt with the warden
if that’s what it takes.

Freedom! my child,
Freedom! she moans.
She’s howling for you:

Woman to woman.

By Becky Jaffe
Inspired by tonight’s blustery wind, and by the kick-ass women in my life (that’s you!)
Nov. 2, 2011

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  1. Bertie
    November 27, 2011 at 4:37 am

    Nice one, your posts are always checking in for.

    Yesterdays post about not despairing, despite an avalanch of depressing news & forces so much more powerful then any bunch of occupiers could ever stare down did really help cheer me up. I’m still despondent that nearly 5K amercian citizens have been arrested for a political cause without an acknowledgement from the governemnt of the day that there is even a problem.

    That post also reminded me of something Naked Capitalism linked to a while back about some mathematician whose modelling concluded that whenever 10% of a population develop an unshakeable belief in anything, that belief will always become the dominant belief within that population (eventually). Watching that Oakland song and dance video makes one believe that an improbable dream might almost be within reach after all. For me, it certainly had the exact opposite emotional impact of watching an election debate!


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