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Sing with me! (#OWS)

November 25, 2011

If there’s one thing we need right now in the Occupy movement, it’s a bit of inspiration, hope, and silliness. I was touched to hear that 300 people ate Thanksgiving dinner at Zuccotti Park yesterday (although the standoff with police over the drumming didn’t sound awesome) but let’s face it, it hurts that the park was cleared of tents.

It’s really easy to slide into a funk right about now: there’s bad press, the Eurozone is looking doomed, and politicians are frozen in conflict. I say don’t let it happen. Don’t take everything too seriously, because these things take a long time to work, and so much progress has already been made. Let’s look at winter as a time to hunker down and work on our projects so that in the Spring we can get together and be amazed by how far we’ve come.

I really like the idea of Occupying Black Friday- today will be the first time I actually participate at all, except for the time we drove all the way to Ithaca for Thanksgiving before realizing we forgot our suitcase and we ended up buying clothes and toothbrushes on Friday. That doesn’t really count though.

So I’m planning to be a consumer zombie today at the mall near Columbus Circle. That just means I’ll walk around like a zombie and wearing a sign that says “consumer”. I’m bringing my 3-year old; I’m thinking of putting a sign on his back saying “consumer in training” or something.

But here’s what I’m really into. Flash mob singing. Yeah, seriously, the inner musical performer in me is dying to get a group of people and come up with a seriously awesome song and associated line dance. In a mall or maybe a public space like Times Square. Something that makes people baffled and happy, that makes them think about how love works.

To see how I was thus inspired, see this wonderful Occupy Oakland protest. For those of you who don’t know me, I am the barefoot girl in the bright pink cocktail dress with a matching boa and backpack. I mean, not really since I haven’t gone to Oakland recently, but that’s who I am, if you can dig it.

So who’s in? I’m taking suggestions for song, dance, and venue. If you’re not local you can still participate by coming up with ideas! If you are local, grab your boa.

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