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Weekend Reading

July 8, 2011

FogOfWar and I have compiled a short list of weekend reading for you that you may enjoy:

  1. What’s the right way to think about China’s economy?
  2. Is Japan’s “lost decades” a media myth?
  3. Can I hear a FUCK YEAH for Elizabeth Warren? I feel a follow-up post coming on how much she rocks.
  4. Get ready to be depressed by how few natural resources there really are.
  5. This essay really pins Robert Rubin to the wall in a totally awesome way. I will add more in another post.
  6. The Republicans are holding the entire nation for ransom over the possibility of default. Is it all political posturing? Or is it for the sake of the insanely shitty idea of a tax repatriation holiday? Here’s another article about this crappy idea; when Bloomberg makes you out as a selfish bastard then you know you’re a truly selfish bastard. I’m convinced that the politicians (and union leaders) arguing for this are just counting on the average person not understanding the actual issues well enough to know how evil it is (and how much kickback they must be getting). Another example of asymmetric information that really gets my goat.
  7. I think it’s fair to say we all need a little more of this in our lives.
  1. FogOfWar
    July 8, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    Your comments are so much better than the comments I just sent you (sorry I was late!).

    You also reminded me that #1 and #2 have a theme about how GDP is just a number with a numerator and a denominator, not “the economy”. If an alien landed on earth and walked around Japan and then America, would they think Japan was an economic disaster suffering through a “lost decade” (or two) and America was significantly better off? “The economy” is a reflection of how the people who live and work are doing overall–GDP is just a semi-arbitrary mathematical calculation…


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