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Protest against gender and racial inequality tomorrow morning! #OccupySummerSchool

July 21, 2015

The Occupy Summer School students are organizing a clever demonstration tomorrow morning to protest racial and gender inequality. From the men/women pay gap to how the police arrest black and brown people for minor nuisance crimes, the girls from the UAI have figured out thoughtful ways of raising consciousness while having fun.

The plan is to have two tables. At the first table, there will be a “bake sale” where cupcakes will be “sold” for $1 to men but 77 cents to women, to protest unequal pay. They will be handed over using a plate which details many other kinds of gender inequalities. In actuality, anybody who shows up to the protest can get a free cupcake.

At the other table, we’ll be handing out brownies with toothpick flags, which are toothpicks with facts about racial inequalities taped to them. For example one might read, “While people of color make up about ​30 percent​of the United States’ population, they account for ​60 percent​of those imprisoned.”

Everyone loves free food, of course, but given that black women like Sandra Bland get killed in this country for minor traffic infractions, there’s a deeply serious side to it as well.

If you have time, please join us. The event will take place on Cadman Plaza near Tillary, in downtown Brooklyn, tomorrow morning from 9-11am. The girls will appreciate your visit.

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