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Rebellious Lawyering Conference

February 13, 2015

In a bit more than a week I’ll be on a panel at Yale’s Rebellious Lawyering Conference 2015, otherwise known as RebLaw. If you’re wondering what that is, here’s a description:

RebLaw is the nation’s largest student-run public interest conference. Every year the conference brings together practitioners, law students, and community activists from around the country to discuss innovative, progressive approaches to law and social change. The conference, grounded in the spirit of Gerald Lopez‘s Rebellious Lawyering, seeks to build a community of law students, practitioners, and activists seeking to work in the service of social change movements and to challenge hierarchies of race, wealth, gender, and expertise within legal practice and education.

The panel I’m on is entitled Using Law To Occupy Wall Street, and I’ll be on the panel On Saturday the 21st at 10am with my friend Akshat Tewary, of Occupy the SEC, as well as Rebecca Wilkins, who I’m excited to meet. The panel is organized and moderated by Zorka Milin, who is both a kick-ass lawyer and a math nerd. The other panels look amazing as well.

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