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Making math beautiful with XyJax

December 17, 2012

My husband A. Johan de Jong has an open source algebraic geometry project called the stacks project. It’s hosted at Columbia, just like his blog which is aptly named the stacks project blog.

The stacks project is awesome: it explains the theory of stacks thoroughly, assuming only that you have a basic knowledge of algebra and a shitload of time to read. It’s about three thousand update: it’s exactly 3,452 pages, give or take, and it has a bunch of contributors besides Johan. I’m on the list most likely because of the fact that I helped him develop the tag system which allows permanent references to theorems and lemmas even within an evolving latex manuscript.

He even has pictures of tags, and hands out t-shirts with pictures of tags when people find mistakes in the stacks project.

Speaking of latex, that’s what I wanted to mention today.

Recently a guy named Pieter Belmans has been helping Johan out with development for the site: spiffing it up and making it look more professional. The most recent thing he did was to render the latex into human readable form using XyJax package, which is an “almost xy-pic compatible package for MathJax“. I think they are understating the case; it looks great to me:

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