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Videos and a love note

September 5, 2012

A quick post today because I gotta get these kids off to their first day of school. WOOHOOO!!

  • I just learned about this video which was made at the first DataKind datadive I went to (it was called Data Without Borders then). The datadive coverage is in the first 6 minutes. It’s timely because I’m doing it again this coming weekend with NYC Parks data. I hope I see you there!
  • Next, please check out my friend and fellow occupier Katya’s two videos, which she produced herself: here and here. She has a gift, no?
  • Finally, readers, thanks for all the awesome comments lately (and always). I really appreciate the feedback and the thought you’ve put into them, and I’ve been learning a lot. Plus I have a lot of books to read based on your suggestions.
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