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Tu-du leest bork bork

July 23, 2012

What with finishing a job up at the end of June, and then immediately going off to three weeks of math camp, I’ve put off lots of stuff around the house. My to-do list, just on household stuff alone, is getting kind of intimidating:

  1. Call Richard to get air conditioners installed
  2. Call insurance company about crazy bills
  3. Send care package to junior staff
  4. Deposit paycheck in bank
  5. Replace broken window shades
  6. Replace lightbulbs in bedroom
  7. Find babysitter for this Friday
  8. Find babysitter for early September

But I’ve figured out a way to avoid being too down about it. Namely, I just put it through the Swedish Chef Translator (if you can’t remember the Swedish Chef, check this out), and I’m good (borks added):

  1. Cell Reecherd tu get eur cundeeshuners instelled bork bork
  2. Cell insoorunce-a cumpuny ebuoot crezy beells bork bork
  3. Send cere-a peckege-a tu jooneeur steffff bork bork
  4. Depuseet peycheck in bunk bork bork
  5. Replece-a brukee veendoo shedes bork bork
  6. Replece-a leeghtboolbs in bedruum bork bork
  7. Feend bebyseetter fur thees Freedey bork bork
  8. Feend bebyseetter fur ierly September bork bork

Also available in Pig Latin to make me feel sneaky:

  1. allCay ichardRay otay etgay airway onditionerscay installedway
  2. allCay insuranceway ompanycay aboutway azycray illsbay
  3. endSay arecay ackagepay otay uniorjay affstay
  4. epositDay aycheckpay inway ankbay
  5. eplaceRay okenbray indowway adesshay
  6. eplaceRay ightbulbslay inway edroombay
  7. indFay abysitterbay orfay isthay idayFray
  8. indFay abysitterbay orfay earlyway eptemberSay
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