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Occupy Wall Street isn’t dead

April 21, 2012

I went to New Jersey a couple of nights ago to talk about Occupy Wall Street and the Alternative Banking group to NJPPN, a network of politically aware and active citizens. They self-describe as non-partisan but there were quite a few NPR listeners in the audience, and in general they came across to me as very skeptical of the financial system. Or possibly they were just being polite.

One of the audience members expressed frustration that the Occupy movement has fizzled out. I guess I can understand why he may think so, because after Bloomberg cleared the Occupiers from Zuccotti Park it was obviously more difficult for people to know what the movement is up to. And what with the cold weather, many of the working groups, like Alternative Banking, were incubating ideas rather than staging street protests. Plus the movement is still less than a year old, and these things take some time to set up.

For him and for others like him, I’d like to point you to a few resources to which explain what Occupy has been up to and what it has in store:

More to come. The hoodies are being shipped as I type.

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