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Zuckerberg Is Totally Out Of His Depth

August 12, 2018

Hey my newest snarky Bloomberg Opinion piece is out!


Mark Zuckerberg Is Totally Out of His Depth


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  1. Susan Price
    August 13, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    Wow..just wow. I see you are writing a book of shame. Look, I’m not a fan of these social media entrepreneurs when it comes to safeguarding data/privacy/disinformation.

    But you have a lot of nerve to use shaming tactics “as a mom” and calling them “boys”. Seriously, something is wrong with you to shame them that way.

    Look at what you said:

    “big boys of technology”
    “These boys”
    “As their fictional mom”
    -” I’m imagining being their mom, feeling for them.”

    And this article sentence also smacked of insensitivity to people in other countries. PS…you didn’t even say what country you are in…

    “And if you try to save money by hiring people in other countries who can’t possibly understand the context, you’re asking for trouble.”

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    • August 13, 2018 at 2:43 pm


      Thanks for your comments. If there’s anything I’ve figured out about shame it’s that sometimes it’s totally appropriate. Especially when our democracy hangs in the balance. You’re absolutely right that I’m shaming these bros. And I think it’s 100% appropriate. Also I am fine with admitting that people in other countries have trouble with contextualizing our culture since I would say the same thing about my difficulties in contextualizing theirs. Not a slight but an observation.


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  2. Mark Stratford - London UK
    September 3, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    >>they’re supposed to be geniuses. Problem is, they’re not. <<

    In "The Drunkard's Walk – how Randomness rules our lives" by Leonard Mlodinow (2008), the final chapter says this of Bill Gates

    "..does Gates earn $100 a second because he is god-like, or is he god-like because he earns $100 a second ?"
    "His answer [on a technical question] was no more creative, ingenious or insightful than anything I've heard from a dozen other computer professionals"
    And if it hadn't been for the amazing stroke of good luck in the timing of DOS ".. he might have become just another software entrepreneur…our society can be quick to make wealthy people into heroes"


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