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How to Manage Our Algorithmic Overlords

March 29, 2017

My latest piece in Bloomberg View just came out:

How to Manage Our Algorithmic Overlords

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  1. Roger Joseph Witte
    March 29, 2017 at 10:22 am

    You miss.ed an important question that should be asked of any system that exercises power, algorithmic or otherwise. ‘Whose interests is it supposed to be acting for?’

    For example, any system funded by advertising should be expected to act in accordance with the interests of the advertisers (not viewers of advertisements).

    For example, any system funded by sales of medicines should be expected to act to increase drug consumption.

    Only Government funded projects can reasonably expected to act in the interests of the general populace?

    So the issue of whose interests comes in three parts
    1 who do they actually act for
    2 who are they supposed to act for
    3 who do people think they are acting for


  2. Dianne Bennett
    March 29, 2017 at 1:04 pm

    Cathy – An idea I’d like to get through to someone – How about a Trump Death-o-Meter – get input from various math/statisticians/economists who track such data – how many people will be killed by changes in the health care plan (even not advertising the sign up), by climate policy changes, by increases in emissions, etc.? We need this kind of ‘selling point’ – who would be good to coordinate and do it? Dianne Bennett (716.353.3288) (former math major, former managing partner of Buffalo’s largest lawfirm, former tax lawyer, former atty in tax policy with the government – a long time ago… former etc.! currently author of alternative guidebooks to Rome)


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