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Aise’s Voting Guide

November 8, 2016

This is a voting guide my son Aise put together for me. He’s not old enough to vote so he made it to influence my vote. I thought he did a nice job distilling some real information, so I got his permission to post it here.


Presidential: Dan Vacek (Legal Marijuana Now)

New York Senate: Alex Merced (Libertarian)

  • He wants to legalize all drugs
  • He wants to have a very open border policy.
    • He says illegal immigration is like a black market, if you make something more or less legal, the black market will go away

New York House District 10: Jerrold Nadler (Democratic)

  • He has been a reliable progressive democrat. One example of this was his voting against laws that would have helped along the tpp. He also voted to stop the expansion of military suspending and voted to keep the Iran deal together.
  • His one opponent is Philip Rosenthal who favors entitlement reform, tearing up the iran agreement and whose website has the words on it “When America retreats, evil advances.”


State Senate District 30: Bill Perkins (Democrat)

  • He is running against Jon Girodes who was arrested for running a scam by taking people’s money to rent out an apartment and then not returning the money or giving them the apartment.
  • He sponsored legislation to allow people 16 and over to donate an organ.
  • He sponsored legislation to regulate emissions from cars.
  • He sponsored legislation to give inmates translation services in parole hearings.
  • He sponsored legislation to make it easier for the disabled receiving social security money to avoid rent hikes.

State Assembly District 69: Daniel O’Donnell (Democratic)

  • He supported legislation to allow convicted felons to vote once they completed their sentence.
  • He supported legislation to expand eligibility for “shock incarcerations.” A shock incarceration is when someone serves time in a treatment facility instead of prison.
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  1. Matt
    November 8, 2016 at 9:57 am

    I agree, it is good work. Did you follow his advice?


  2. mathematrucker
    November 8, 2016 at 10:56 am

    Indeed very nice job. Well done Aise.


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