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Data science job blurbs

September 17, 2015

I’ve been getting lots of people writing to me recently with data science jobs that I think look like nice jobs, with nice people, but I am personally not going to apply for. Instead of forgetting about them, I’ve decided to advertise them myself.

The first position is from Harmony Institute, a research center trying to understanding the social impact of media. They are looking for a Technical Data Analyst. Here’s their blurb:

HI is looking for a media-savvy researcher with an understanding of social science/humanities research and a passion for empowering causes for social good. The ideal candidate is interested in studying complex phenomena — such as information diffusion, media framing, and emotional responses to stories — from multiple, often indirect perspectives. You know how to hack code and wrangle data, but you’re just as concerned with big questions as big data.

In this role, you’ll be working closely with a team of social scientists to study various aspects of the social impact of media. Most projects have a critical data component, and you’ll be the go­-to person for a broad range of data tasks: identifying indicators and datasets of interest based on research questions; collecting data from available APIs, databases, and even web scraping; verifying, documenting, and sharing the processed data; and either leading or facilitating the data analysis and visualization of results. You’ll also collaborate with and get support from our product­ focused data scientists and software engineers. Fortunately, HI has built up a large code base (in Python) to help you with your work, so you’ll rarely be starting from scratch. You can look forward to improving your programming and data skills through diverse, interesting research projects; being exposed to many different perspectives among media makers, funders, and researchers; and advance the field’s understanding of media’s impact on society.

The full description is here, and they’re also looking for a data engineer.

The second position is from Paperless Post, which you’re doubtless familiar with if you’ve ever been invited to a kid’s birthday party. They are looking for a data scientist, and here’s their blurb:

The data team at Paperless Post helps people throughout the company use data to make better business decisions. We’re a team of five people (three women, two men), and each person supports various business and product teams. We spend around three fifths of our time working on projects for teams, and two fifths working on data team projects.

We do all types of data work: data engineering, ETL, analysis, building production data systems, building visualizations, building dashboards, creating KPIs, and more. As the main data contact for a team, you get a lot of autonomy and flexibility when helping them best use data.

We’re looking to grow our team, and are looking for both junior and senior data people. Paperless Post is a great company to work for as a data person. We have a product that people enjoy and pay for, and we don’t sell our user data. We care about professional development, and are supportive of interests outside work. Within the company, the data team is viewed as a valued partner to the teams we work with.\

For questions, contact solomon@paperlesspost.com.

If you have a data science position that is not in finance, or ad tech, and is with super nice people, I plan to do it at least one more time, so email me at the gmail address listed on my About page.

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  1. September 17, 2015 at 7:58 am

    What a great, simple networking idea/service, to pass along postings for “nice jobs, with nice people” to a wider audience. Hope others take up the practice. (…and you should get a Human Resources commission if one of your readers gets the job ;-))


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