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Indiegogo campaign for 2nd edition of Occupy Finance is up! (#OWS)

October 14, 2013

Many of you have probably already received copies of Occupy Finance. Here’s my personal evidence, for which I was nearly arrested in the post office (who knew you’re not allowed to take pictures in the post office? not me.):


We’re hoping you loved your book, or if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, that you’d like to get one soon.

The thing is, we’re very nearly out of copies, and plus there was a missing page and a few other typos for which we have forgiven ourselves, since we got it out in time for September 17th, but which we were happy to fix.

Our plan, if we manage to raise enough money (hopefully $3500), is to print a few thousand more copies (hopefully 5,000) and distribute them to places like libraries and bookstores, not to mention to any people we hear of who want to read the book. We’d prefer to raise money for the printing and then give them away over selling them, since we’d like anyone who wants one to have one regardless of their financial situation.

So here’s the Indiegogo page, and I hope you’ll go take a look and send it to your friends who might be interested in contributing. It features our favorite street performer and Action Committee Head Marni, which for this campaign we refer to as our “Indie GoGo Girl”. She does a really fantastic job explaining our goals in the campaign video, located here. You may also know her as the money bunny, she’s kinda famous. She also has a law degree.


The starting donation is $10, and if you’ve already given money to our group, don’t feel like I’m asking you a second time (I don’t wanna be like that!) but just go ahead and tell your friends about us. Thanks!

Also feel free to share the shortlink on twitter or what have you: http://tinyurl.com/occfinindie

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