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You people freaking rock: Occupy Finance officially funded

August 21, 2013

Yesterday I told people about the book my Occupy group is coming out with. I said I needed $350 to cover the printing costs, and I asked for small donations. Anything beyond that means more books get printed (still true!).

Today I’m super happy to say I’ve collected pledges summing to $596, which means we’ll be able to make many more copies of the book than expected, and distribute them to many more people. And it’s really been a group effort: 15 different people pitched in with amounts between $20 and $100. It means they’re all part of the project.

What was particularly awesome for me about the “Crappy Kickstarter” was the personal emails I got with words of encouragement for the blog and the book.

You guys seriously rock, and I feel very lucky to be your friend. Thanks!

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  1. seinkonnen1
    August 22, 2013 at 1:45 am

    Dear Cathy,

    I would like to let you know that I am quite fond of your blog. I am particularly keen on the work you do with Occupy regarding financial practices. I had a thought – just came to me this morning: an education program. Funnel the energy in the Occupy financial group into a well organized education program that can intervene in schools and teach children how they are in effect going to be “consumers” and how they should understand basic financial practices (of course, with the tone of opening their eyes). If spun correctly, this program could be successful and be used as a corner stone for other activities. Of course, the program would have to be separate from Occupy to create a sense of civic mindedness, fairness and neutrality (even if it is not really neutral, depending on one’s position – – but, the hidden hand is the strongest and the nail that sticks up gets hammered down).

    I have many more thoughts on how the project could be structured and how it could work. I really think, if done properly, it cold be a strong base.


    Theo Le 21 août 2013 à 14:54, mathbabe a écrit :

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